ACL Tear Reconstruction

What is the ACL? The knee joint is formed by three bones, namely, the thighbone (femur), the shin bone (tibia) and the kneecap (patella). The knee joint is held together by four ligaments – the ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament), the PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament), the MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament), the LCL (Lateral Collateral Ligament), the 4

Balanced Diet and Good Nutrition for Strong Bones

Having a balanced diet is what all orthopedic specialists in Singapore endorse in. The nutrients in the food you eat provides the foundation to build strong bones, cartilage and muscle. Here are some of the nutrients you need to consume in order to get strong bones, especially to complement your osteoporosis treatment. Calcium and Vitamin

Hip Pain: What It Could Mean

When hip pain occurs, it can be difficult to do the simplest things like sitting down or raising your leg. While some mild pain once in a while is not serious, doctors specialising orthopaedics in Singapore say that chronic or excruciating pain can signify something more serious. Read on to find out about the various

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